Capturing the beauty of our landscapes is a spiritually uplifting experience. The variety of our world never ceases to astonish me. This site gives a glimpse of some of my work.

In June 2013 my first book "The Chilterns" was published by Halsgrove. This reflects my interest in the Chilterns and Thames Valley as can be seen by the images on this website. I have also worked extensively in Tuscany, Exmoor, Brittany and Cornwall. Occasional trips to beautiful places such as Northumberland and the Scilly Isles have also been included in this collection. The opportunity to see the miniature landscapes that we rarely stop to look at is a new interest and this site includes several examples of abstracts and intimate detailed images that catch my eye.

Enjoy my gallery and I hope that it gives you as much pleasure as it has for me in capturing the images. Do contact me with any comments or to place an order for a canvas or print.